How can I divide construction work into phases in Finmap?

If you need to separate construction work phases within a project, Finmap can do this with operations tags. The company owner can create tags and set up access to them personally for each employee. To do this, go to the Settings menu and select the Tags item.

In the window that opens, add new tags, e.g., Stage 1, Stage 2, Insulation, Completion.

Now set up the employee’s access to the tags. To do this, go to the Users section and click on the description of the position’s rights.

In the rights settings, search for Tags and select the checkboxes for what this employee can see (the “read” checkbox is on), what he does not need to see (the “read” checkbox is off), and what he can edit (the “edit” checkbox is on).

For example, The employee can see all tags, but can edit only certain tags.

Then the operation goes through all the necessary steps of coordination between employees, which you will be able to track by the number of tags. The procedure could be as follows:

1. Employee creates a future payment with the tag “Stage 1”.
2. The supervisor can filter and view all payments with the tag “Stage 1” or view all future payments with the tag “Insulation”.
3. Once a phase is completed, the Supervisor can add a “Completed” tag.