How do you make payments in different currencies?

If your business is international and you work with different currencies, this is not a problem. Create accounts in different currencies and make the necessary transactions.

To create an account in any currency, in the My accounts block click the Edit button. In the menu click on Add account. Finmap has a huge variety of currencies. But if any currency you need is missing, please just write a comment below this video or in the chat room, and we will add the currency.

To make payments and other transactions in currencies, use the same Income and Expense buttons as you do for regular payments. When specifying income or expense in a currency that is different from the company’s currency, Finmap will show you the exchange rate in relation to the base currency in which the transaction will be charged in your Analytics and Reports. You can also change this value.

To exchange currencies, use the Transfer” operation. First, enter an amount in the currency of the account to which the transfer is being made. When you specify a second account to be transferred from, Finmap will show you the amount in both currencies and the exchange rate. Of course, you can change either value.

On the left side of the screen you will see a block with a description of your account balances – My accounts, Future transactions, and Total amount on accounts. Finmap shows you the current balances of your currency accounts in the designated currency and the total amount of money in the company’s main currency.