Mass editing of imported payments

If you already use the integration with banks feature, you know that there are unfilled fields in the payments loaded from the bank. To quickly and easily fill out and edit imported payments, you can use the mass editing feature.

For example, you have uploaded payments from the bank, and now you need to specify that the expenses are the purchase of goods from a supplier or payment for delivery services. You can filter the necessary payments by selecting the payment type. You can also filter payments for the required period.

Then you can select several payments by ticking them one by one with the mouse.

Or use the checkbox to mark all filtered payments (it is on the right side at the top of the payments page, near the Date field name).

At the top left of the table header you will see how many payments are currently selected for editing. To edit all selected transactions at once, use the Change Data menu. Here you can start by specifying the type of transaction, such as Suppliers and Contractors.

Once Finmap understands that this is a payment to your suppliers, additional items – category, counterparty – will appear in the Change Data menu.

You can see the names of the counterparties in the comments of the payments imported from the bank. Thus you can apply a filter by text in comments.