The functionality of mass editing

The multi-select functionality is an opportunity to accelerate the assignment of operations and to work with large amounts of information in short terms.

The functionality works by selecting several operations with a tick:

When you select transactions in this way, the following options will be active on the green action bar: “Change data” or “Delete operations”:

Through the “Change transaction data” option, you can:

In inter-account transfer transactions, “Change data” will be in a less advanced format:

The changeable entities will vary depending on the type of transaction. For example, in a transfer, we cannot change the category or date of the transaction or the transfer period.

If you select both transaction types, income and expense, you won’t have the opportunity to change the category or counterparty massively. After all, we create different categories and different counterparties for income and expense transactions in the service:

By the way, if you accidentally deleted several multi-select transactions, you can always return them in Analytics, History

Multi-selection also allows you to calculate transactions.