Money Report

The Money Report (also called CashFlow) shows the grouped data about incomes and expenses on all your accounts, cards, cash registers. The very name of the report suggests – that you should see the entire movement of money in the business: incomes, expenses.

The Money report is located in the Analytics section. As soon as you enter the report, it will show the total amount of receipts and debits by months.

In the top block of the report, you can see a graph that shows the amount of income, expenses, and balances (or net cash flow). As you move your mouse over the graph elements, you can see the exact amount by indicator for the period.

Scrolling down, you will see the next block, which shows the structure of income and expenses.

Next are the blocks in which income and expenses are shown by category.

You can also adjust the parameters of the graphs. To do this, set the filter by date, report analytics (by categories, projects, counterparties), or other relevant categories.

The report can be viewed in the form of graphs as well as in the form of a table. There is a special switch button in the upper panel of the report for this purpose.