The bank doesn’t connect immediately, what should I do?

If your bank does not connect after setting up automatic integration, it is worth checking:

✔️ If the bank is selected correctly?
✔️ Is the password entered correctly?

If it is correct, you can:

In addition to automatic integration, we can offer you to import data from your bank statement. That’s how we currently import data from Santander Bank and Kaspi Bank, and soon it will also be possible for Bank Millennium, ING, SEB, and mBank VAT.

If you need to import your data from another bank – contact us, and our development team will find a solution.

*Note: In some cases, automatic integration with the bank may take some time.

It may happen because each bank has its own processing time for integration requests and peculiarities of internal policies. Sometimes this process can take up to 7-8 working days.

Eventually, you’ll have the integration you need, and all transactions will come into Finmap automatically.

If there are any issues with the automatic integration of a bank, we immediately contact the support department of the connector platforms that intermediate the transfer of information.

Their response will have to wait sometime as they respond according to their priorities.If you have any questions about integration or importing your data, you can always email our support managers. Always at your service! 😉