What if an employee cannot access Finmap?

In this instruction, we will look at 4 situations that often arise when adding employees as users to companies in Finmap.

Situation 1: 

You have two employees, Michael and Tom. The difference between their positions is that Michael is “waiting for confirmation”, and Tom is not.

What does it mean for us?
It means that Tom had previously registered using the email address we provided when adding him as an employee to the company. In other words, Tom is already a registered user. Tom can now log in to the company by logging into the service using his email and password and switching to the campaigns menu he needs.

After authorization, Tom will find a menu of companies in the upper left corner:

But Michael, who is listed as “waiting for confirmation,” should go to https://finmap.online/ and click “Sing Up”

Registration takes place via email (which we use to add him as a user) and a password that the employee will come up with to log in.

After registering, Michael needs to open an invitation letter from the company in his email and go to the service.

Situation 2: 

Employee Michael claims that, like Tom in situation 1, he already registered in Finmap using his email address. However, the notification that he is “waiting for confirmation” is still active in the service. This notification from the service gives a hint that there was no registration on the specified email address. We go to Michael’s account and check what the reason might be. We go to the company’s menu and see that the right company is missing. However, Michael did not receive an invitation email. What could be the reason?

In this situation, we recommend checking the email used for authorisation in the “Settings” section.

We note that the registration email was “michael@gmail.com” while the employee registered to the company using “michael1@gmail.com”. We found the reason, a typo in the email.

In our example, we verify this information ourselves, but you may not have this opportunity. Therefore, we recommend you ask the specific employee to check carefully under which email address they logged in to the service. 

But how can Michael join the company? 

Step one: remove him from the added employees. Click on his position and select “Delete Employee”. 

Step two: click on “Add Employee” and enter the employee’s name, his correct registration email – . . ., and specify his position. Save the result.

We successfully add Michael to the service, and the absence of the “Waiting for confirmation” notification confirms it. We go to Michael’s account, refresh the page, and open the list of companies. Done, our employee can switch to the required “Main” company.

Situation 3: 

We have a manager named Chris with the note “Awaiting confirmation,” which immediately signals that Chris has not registered with the company yet.

Chris needs to go to their email, which we previously used to add them to the company, and find the invitation email “Your invitation to Finmap.” Such an email may end up in the “Inbox,” “Promotions,” or even in folders such as “Spam” and “Social.” But most often, the email comes to the “Inbox.”

When Chris opens this email, there will be a button “Sing in to Finmap,” and Chris needs to click on this button. The service automatically directs the employee Chris to the registration page.

She goes through registration: 

Enters her email 

Enters her password 

Enters her phone number 

Accept the “Public Offer Agreement and Privacy Policy”.

After registration, Chris will see the demo company, and to switch to the desired company, she needs to open the list in the left corner, find the right option by name, and click on it. In the “Users” section, Chris will have the status of a confirmed employee.

Situation 4: 

In the company, there is an added lawyer, Jake. He is also an unregistered user. We know it from the notification we are already familiar with.

Jake is on his account and has already checked all the emails and folders in his email but hasn’t got any emails from Finmap. Jake’s email address is correct. So what is the reason?

The reason is that Jake unsubscribed from the Finmap email list. As a result, the invitation email does not come to his email. In this case, Jake needs to go to the website https://finmap.online and go through the registration process. The registration button is in the upper-right corner, next to the “Log in” button.

When registering, Jake should enter the same email address as what we specified when adding the employee. Then he should enter his password, phone number, and agreement in the “Public Offer Agreement and Privacy Policy” line.

When adding an employee, it is necessary to specify the email address of someone registered previously. The invitation email plays a role in notifying them about their addition to the company.

If you have any additional questions, contact us in the support chat. You can find it at the bottom right corner. We will be happy to help you!