Which currency should I use as my company currency?

When you create your company account, Finmap will ask you to choose the company currency. This is the currency in which your company’s analytics and reports will be displayed so that you can easily analyze the performance of your business. This does not mean that all accounting will have to be in that currency.
If your business is international, and you work with different currencies, that’s not a problem. You can create accounts in different currencies and make the necessary transactions. Finmap will show you the balance of the currency accounts in the currency, including total amount of money, in the main currency of the company (at the interbank exchange rate). All reports in the Analytics section will be converted to the company’s main currency.

To create an account in a currency, in the My Accounts category, press the Edit button. In the menu that opens click on Add account. Finmap has a huge variety of currencies. But if you don’t see the required currency, simply send us a message to the chat inside the service.