Withdrawal of cash from a card. How to combine income and expense for a transfer?

Often, there are situations where you transfer funds from one account to another.
If it integrated the accounts into the Finmap service, we see such funds transfers as one actual expense and a second income transaction:

In this view, the transactions affect the analytics by increasing the amount of income and expenditure in the accounts.
To indicate that these transactions are transfers:

  1. Tick the checkboxes next to them:

2. Click on Combine to transfer:

3. Check the amounts of transactions and accounts and confirm the merger:

If the company has only one integrated account, then only one expense or income transaction gets into the service when transferring. It depends on whether it was a transfer to or from the card.
We can create a second transaction manually:

Then combine them into a transfer using the multi-box.

The next option, in this case, could be to delete one integrated transaction to form the transfer manually via the button on the top panel – Transfer.

  1. Delete the operation which was added earlier to the service from the card:

2. Next step – click on “Transfer”

3. Form the transfer manually and add the operation

Done! The transfer operation is successful:

Transactions of the transfer category do not affect “Analytics”, but if you need to view information on transfers, they contained it in the “Statement of Accounts” report:

Go to the “Account statement ” report on a specially allocated panel where we can see how many transfers were “to” or “from” the specific account, this information you can view for the whole time, for the current month or any other period you need:

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