Calendar section

The Calendar section of Finmap performs the function of the Payment Calendar. In this section, you can see balances and money movements for any date, including those that are planned in the future. If you enter planned transactions as future payments, the Calendar will show you if you have enough money and if there are any future «cash gaps».

If, on any given day, there is not enough money in your account to cover the payments you have scheduled, Finmap will highlight the «cash gaps» in the calendar in red.

To see detailed data on account balances and movements on any given day, simply click on the desired date. An arrow will appear, indicating that you need to go to the bottom of the report to see the details.

Scroll down to the bottom of the report. This is where you will see the account balance for that day, as well as a list of transactions that were made or scheduled on that day.

You can also view the report as a graph. To do this, set the switch at the top of the report